Artificial Grass Cost and Installation Pros

Fake Grass Cost. Artificial grass installation cost depends largely on the size of the lawn, the number of plants you want, and the type of turf you decide to use. The average cost to plant artificial grass for the small lawn is around $12 a square foot, with rates ranging from $5 to more than a few thousand dollars depending on the type of turf and materials used. An average 500-square-feet lawn typically costs from three to six thousand dollars to install fake grass for home owners. Artificial turf can be installed over any other surface, even gravel, but its installation is different because it is a solid surface and can’t be walked on or sat on.

Fake Grass Price Factors. Landscaping projects involving landscaping grass prices vary depending on the kind of turf you choose and its manufacturing quality. There are many factors that influence the artificial grass prices. These factors include the type of blades used in manufacturing, the material used in its manufacture, the number of blades, its manufacturing process, its design, its appearance, and its warranty.

Different Materials Used in Producing Fake Grass. The blades of the artificial grass vary significantly in terms of both quality and price. Blades that are made from steel are generally the most durable and the best to use for landscaping. Steel blades are durable because they are strong and have no sharp edges, unlike blades made from plastic that have sharp edges and can be dangerous when dropped on a concrete balcony or other flat surface.

The Average Cost to Plant Artificial Turf For Home Owners. The average cost of artificial turf to purchase and install varies widely depending on its manufacture and quality. Some blades are expensive because they have fewer blades than others. A good average cost to plant is around ten to twenty per square foot.

Water Bill Savings. Water bill savings are another reason for installing cheap fake grass costs to homeowners. An artificial turf can be made to look like it is raining, just as real grass does, but with less water. For this reason, homeowners can save more on their monthly water bills, as less water is wasted during normal use. This is especially beneficial during drought conditions, and when water conservation is imperative due to environmental concerns or increased demand on natural resources due to population growth.

Weed Control and Prevention. Some homeowners do not have issues with weeds growing through their fake artificial lawn and may not even be aware of them. However, some do have problems, such as clogging of their clippings and residue. Artificial landscaping grass prices vary on the variety of weeds it pretends to fight. Some varieties will stop weed growth completely. Other kinds are less effective and will only keep certain types of weeds under control.

Landscaping view pros are also one of the main reasons homeowners turn to artificial lawns. Even though it takes a bit more time to set up and may require some extra materials, landscaping with artificial lawns has a lot of advantages. For one, it saves a lot of money and time. There are no weeds to get rid of, no need for fertilizers, and homeowners can spend time doing other yard chores, since their fake turf is providing the necessary nutrients and moisture needed by plants and shrubs.

Other landscaping reasons to consider artificial grass pros are the ease of installation. It is very simple to set up a one, thousand-square-foot lawn using this product, compared to setting up traditional grass. It is also cheaper for most homeowners. If installation and purchase costs are out of the budget, homeowners can choose to go with the fiber-cement material as an alternative to vinyl.

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